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Monday, July 11, 2011

Illegal Alien Activist Groups File Suit Against Alabama's Immigration Law

Montgomery, Al (WSFA) - Illegal Alien Activist Group: The Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC) is making good on a promise to fight Alabama's much needed new illegal immigration law.  American Citizens are fedup by the SPLC, and other  traitorous groups.  We have many groups supporting the illegal aliens breaking into the United States, but very few supporting the people in the Shadows: "The AMERICAN CITIZENS."  Everytime  we turn around we see our immigration laws unenforced, and American citizens unprotected.  Our  leaders  only offer aid and assistance to the illegal aliens.   Instead  of protecting our borders from invasion.  They have failed us miserably, and they have done it on purpose; because they don't respect our great nation, and they don't respect American Citizenship.

On Friday the SPLC, along with several other illegal alien activist groups filed a class action lawsuit in U.S. District Court; trying to stop immigration enforcement, claiming that, the  law is  unconstitutional. The law doesn't take effect until September 1. For many Americans it should have taken effect 30 years ago.

The lawless SPLC, trying to smear the new law said: the new law, is proof that the Jim Crow era continues in Alabama.  How is enforcing the federal immigration laws, Jim Crow?  This shows how twisted and backwards the SPLC has become. Jim Crow was about oppressing citizens, and depriving them of citizenship rights. while the immigration laws are meant to deal with illegal Aliens, who have no right to work,  move, play, or even pray in our country.  As they have NO legal right to be in our country in the first place.  The suits objective is to try to challenge the law's constitutionality based on the grounds, that it violates the constitution's supremacy clause, which gives the federal government the power to regulate immigration. The only clause it violates is the non immigration enforcement clause; which is something Illegal Alien Activist Groups will fight like the Devil. This is a picture of the politically correct twisted mind that is destroying our country today.

It also alleges that the new law will subject U.S. citizens and permanent residents to unlawful search and seizure.  These people know they have absolutely no concern for American Citizens. They just don't want to any in anyway, stop illegals from breaking into our country.  John Pickens, Appleseed Center for Law and Justice said, "Matters pertaining to immigration are exclusively vested with the federal government and states don't have the authority to supplement or pass laws relating to immigration. Groups like the Appleseed Center, are basically illegal alien activist groups.  Their only goal is to aid, and assist,  illegal immigration, and to resist, and/or stop any type of immigration enforcement.  The Appleseed Center claims the best way to fix Illegal Immigration is to give them "Amnesty"(Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  They are doing their best to urge and pressure more leaders from doing their jobs, which is to enforce our immigration laws.

Alabama is the fifth state to enact immigration legislation, to deal with the massive hoards of illegals flooding our country.   Alabama's law, modeling itself after the: way too late, but much need SB1070 law passed in Arizona. Other states include Georgia, Utah and Indiana, seeing the federal governments refusal to enforce immigration laws, are also implementing laws to deal with the illegal alien crisis in our nation.   Illegal alien activist judges, however,  have consistently blocked implementation of these Arizona-style laws.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Conspiracy Of Silence

The Greatest Advantage the Illegal Alien has had in breaking our immigration laws and accomplishing their  Massive Invasion of our country has always been the Silence, like a Trojan Horse, without which it could never have prospered the way it has over the last 30 or so years.  Our Politicians and Media kept it Hush-Hush with the exception of when they were trying to gain  sympathies for Illegal Aliens, saying things like: They just want a better life, They are good for the economy, or They do the work Americans are too lazy to do.
So with that exception Illegal Immigration has been the 3000 Ton Elephant in the Room... That No one wanted to talk about. 99.5% of our News Media, and a Large number of our Political leaders Dem and Repub have been shamelessly pandering to  Illegal Alien Activist Groups like: La Raza, Lulac, Mecha. These Activist groups play themselves as Civil Rights Organizations, but these groups have had only 1 agenda and that is to promote the breaking of our immigration laws, and overrunning of  the United States, by Mexico. Together they have tried to keep a lid on the topic of Illegal Immigration, while they have done all in their power to stop any enforcement of immigration laws utilizing:threats, boycotts, ridicule, refusing enforcement, law suits, censorship, character assaults etc... The News Media including Fox News together with Illegal Alien Activist Political leaders and Judges have been pushing deceptions: like they take jobs Americans don't want, It's Racism,or they have good christian values and they are good for the country, and they brush over all the Laws illegal Aliens break, the large cost burden on our resources, infrastructure, and all the welfare services they use, utilizing their anchor baby children(due to Misapplication of the 14th Amendment meant for freed black slaves born in America).  Illegal immigration has always been the biggest conspiracy of  silence of our time, and sadly the cost to American citizens is enormous; it is the burden of taking care of  a  another countries citizens, and Our Leaders just want us to stay asleep as they give our country away right before our eyes.

Monday, June 6, 2011

California The Illegal Aliens Promised Land

California is one of the best places in the Country for an Illegal Alien. The Illegals Just Keep on Coming; while the Citizens there have been pretty complacent, sleeping, and constantly misinformed by an extremely Illegal Alien Friendly Media, and Political Establishment, that says: the Illegals are not a problem at all. I have to guess the Citizens there believe the Media Hype because they keep voting in Illegal Alien Friendly politicians, all while California's Leaders tell the Citizens that: California is lucky to have all of these Illegals in their state running around, and Doing the Jobs that the Lazy citizens would not do. For An Illegal Alien particularly of Hispanic origin, in California, the sky is the limit. You can use your Race as an excuse to break almost any law, and call anyone who objects to your presence in the US as a Racist, and be taken quite seriously. Yep, If I were an Illegal Alien California is where I would want to be. The Few legal citizens in California Left, in the sea of Illegal Aliens and their Anchor baby children, have got to rise up and say enough is enough: They are tired of living in a foreign, poor, non English speaking country. The Citizens need to Wake up vote out those Crooked, Anti-American Politicians and Judges, and then stop supporting Illegal Activist in the media.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Governor Bentley Of Alabama Hesitating Signing Immigration Enforcement Bill

Last Updated: 06-05-2011 1:00pm EST
For immediate release-
As Stand With Arizona previously reported, the Alabama Legislature on June 2nd passed a landmark immigration enforcement act. The bill passed both houses of the AL legislature OVERWHELMINGLY, 67-29 in the House, and 25-7 in the Senate - both far greater than 2/3rd majorities. There is no doubt this bill represents the clear will of the citizens of the great state of Alabama. [Read details of the bill HERE]
Press reports indicate that Gov. Bentley is "weighing approval" of the bill, and "taking the weekend to decide" whether he will sign the "very long and somewhat complicated" Arizona-style bill into law.
There should be NO QUESTION about whether he should sign this outstanding bill that merely upholds existing Federal laws, and reflects the clear will of the voters. For example, a 2010 Rasmussen poll of likely Alabama voters showed that 81% said police should routinely check immigration status during routine traffic stops, as this bill establishes. 72% believe individuals found to be here illegally should be deported.
In addition, Gov. Bentley himself promised in a campaign ad last September to enact the very provisions included in this outstanding bill. Please remind him he can keep his promise by completing the fine work of his legislature and signing the bill into law.
Stand With Arizona - one of the nation's largest immigration organizations - is asking its members to take moment of their time to contact Gov. Bentley and URGE HE SIGN THIS BILL at his earliest opportunity to do so.
Please use any or all of the methods listed below to make your voice heard.
Contact Info:
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley
State Capitol
600 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, Alabama 36130
*Phone: (334) 242-7100 - Fill his mailbox!
*Fax: (334) 353-0004 - Send 'em!